Tuesday, September 29, 2009

37 things to be thankful for......

In celebration of my 37th birthday. I decided to sit down and reflect on 37 things that I am thankful for this year. Now let me say as a disclaimer, that I am grateful for many more than 37 things. These are just the first 37 that came to mind. This year has been full of challenge and change. So, enjoy a little peak at my thankfulness this year. By the way, these are not in any order of importance. :)

1. Tim~ Who makes me laugh every day and makes it home no matter where we are
2. Chocolate~ edible proof that God loves me
3. FBC Thomasville~ We have such an amazing home church who pray for us and loves on us so well
4. Facebook~ you can laugh, but this has truly been a lifeline for me to still know what is going on in the world of people I miss
5. Family~We have many great family members who believe in us, pray for us and cheer us on
6. Mom~ I am so blessed to have a mom who is also a dear dear friend
7. Grace and Mercy~ I need them both every day
8. Great girlfriends~ Trelle, Chris, Kathryn, Jami, Stephanie M., Tammy, Donna, Laura and a bunch more but I am out of room....life is sweeter because of you
8. Music~ makes my life complete
9. Stephanie S.~ Who lets me glimpse a little bit of myself a few years back, and lets me share what I have learned along the way
10. Words~ I love them. I love to read them and speak them
11. Grandma~ My Grandma went to see Jesus this year. Her life and legacy helped make me who I am
12. Bethany~ Who has been my BFF since I was 6 years old. What a rare gift. She knows it all and loves me more because of it
13. Fresh fruits and veggies~ I promise that they taste better in Costa Rica than any other place in the world
14. Lori~ Who's strength and courage leave me speechless
15. Giving to the local church~ Your generous gifts allow us to do what God has called us to do
16. Trinity~ Who I love watching God form and use in amazing ways
17. Gracie Lynn~ Who just makes me smile and reminds me the world is a happy place
18. Noah~ Who adores me just the way I always hoped my son would
19. Eden~ Who simply, by the perfectness of God, has made our family whole and complete
20. Coffee~ I am so glad I taught myself to like you
21. Leigh~ Who has spent the last year to far from my physical presence but still just as close to my heart
22. Adam and Jessica~ Who have shared this road with us from the beginning and who understand
23. Health~ No amount of money can buy it
24. Sherry~ Who I talk to way to infrequently but with whom I can always pick up right where we left off
25. Adam~ Who lets me think out out loud and challenges my thoughts
26. Allyson~ Whose constant thoughtful encouragement speaks hope into my world
27. Vonage, internet and all forms of electronic communication~ These things have been a blessing and allow me to reach those I love and miss
28. Janna~ Who has traveled this crazy new road with me, held my hand and reminded me that it is worth it when it did not feel like it
29. New friends~ I have met the most amazing families in my journey this year, it is an honor to serve with them
30. Jesus~ Who has given me more than I ever deserved
31. Sunshine~ makes me happy
32. Ryan and Wednesday~ Who I know would do anything for me and give me anything I might ever need
33. Tresa~ Who knows me really well and let's me be real
34. Kellie~ Who makes me laugh and has cheered me on with her prayers and support
35. Paulista's Pizza~ A place that I look forward to going to each week for the best pizza ever and great friendships too
36. The Spirit of the Costa Rican people~ Their kindness and patience with my language and cultural learning are humbling
37. 37 years of life. The good and the bad. All of it together has led me to this place.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

An update from down south

Time for an update from down south. School continues to go along well. Tim and I have a little less than three months of school left. We both feel really good about our Spanish progress. It is amazing to think how far we have come in the past 8 months with our language! The kids are all doing great and enjoying school as well as friends in the neighborhood. All in all, life is grand.
We were able to meet this past week with our supervisor from Panama. It was a great meeting and we walked away with a clear vision of what we will be doing in Panama. We are growing more and more excited about getting there. If things go as planned, we will be able to move to Panama in late April or early May. Please pray with us that God will already begin working in the hearts of the community that we will be living with in Panama.
I will leave you with a picture which does not really do justice to actually seeing it in person! I have never seen a rainbow like this!! It was a perfect circle right around the sun. How creative is God! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dia de Independencia

This week Costa Rica celebrated it's Independence Day. We have had lots of fun joining in on all of the festivities with friends and neighbors. Costa Ricans celebrate with parades. They wear typical Costa Rican clothing, and enjoy concerts and cultural shows. School children participate in the parades by marching in bands, or by carrying “Faroles”. These are homemade paper lanterns. Their designs sit on top of or hang from a wooden stick with candles inside to light the way. It is a tradition for the children to make their own lanterns in patriotic colors. They are often in the form of a house, animal, or other creative representations of national symbols. Of course, the Louderback kids had a great time making their creations! Well, all but Noah that is, he decided he was to cool for such. :) All in all, it has been a fun few days. Patriotism is a beautiful thing, no matter what the country.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Pet? :)

When Tim, Eden and I came home for lunch yesterday, there was a friend waiting for us on our front door! Isn't he cute! We thought about keeping him for a pet, but he really wanted to be free to roam the neighborhood. :) There is never a dull moment in Costa Rica!