Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! After a wild and crazy few days in the airport, thanks to a blizzard in Denver, we are all together again! Praise the Lord! I never dreamed that Noah and I would be gone from Tim and the girls for a MONTH! We truly enjoyed our time in the states and had great time with family and friends but goodness, we were glad to be HOME! I can truly say that home is where your family is and I am thrilled to be back with mine!
Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to us. My leg is so much better! The nerve pain is gone. There is still healing to be done, but the doctor feels like it will be back to 100% within 7 months. Noah is doing great too. We are trying some different medicines to help him and are still working on finding just the right combination. We feel like we are on the right track and have a good plan in place to help him thrive with this new challenge.
We are ready to get back into a normal family and ministry routine. Tim has been busy researching Panama and we are looking forward to what God has in store for our team there. In fact, maybe I can convince Tim to write a little post about what kind of work we plan to be doing once we get there.
For now, thanks again for your prayers. God has been so faithful to us during this time.