Monday, December 6, 2010

The Joy of Giving

Recently, I was insipred by what The Oaks church is doing this year to bring CHRISTmas to their community. You can read more about it here.

I decided that the Louderback family should join in on the fun! So, I made a version of the idea that fit well with our family and what we have going on. I thought you might enjoy seeing it and maybe even get inspired, like I did, to help your family celebrate in a giving way this year.

Praying your Christmas is filled with the joy of giving~

The Louderback Family

12 days of being a CHRISTmas blessing.

1. Saturday 11th: Buy Christmas gifts for Marielle and her daughter

2. Sunday 12th: Give water to the street vendors as we pass by

3. Monday 13th : Go out of your way to open doors for friends, family and strangers

4. Tuesday 14th : Give a teacher a Thank you/Merry Christmas note

5. Wednesday 15th: Write a letter of encouragement to a soldier who will not be home this Christmas (get address from mom)

6. Thursday 16th: Invite people to the Christmas program at church

7. Friday 17th: Hand some spare change to a street vendor

8. Saturday 18th: Send an online Christmas card to another MK in another part of the world

9. Sunday 19th: Compliment people you see all day today

10. Monday 20th: Hand out candy canes in the airport along the way

11. Tuesday 21st: Put some change in the bell ringers bucket

12. Wednesday 22nd: Think of a random act of kindness you can do for someone today just to bless them