Friday, July 23, 2010

I Have The Wrong Couch

I mentioned in my previous post but in case you missed it, it is HOT in Panama? No really. I mean HOT! Tim says it is not that bad, but I disagree. I think it is HOT! In truth, we have adjusted pretty well to the heat and lack of AC. Our house sits up on a hill and so we get a rather nice breeze most days which is very helpful.
I could not possibly remember of all the fun things that have taken place over the past few weeks as we have set up our home. So, I will share a story which pretty much sums it up. We bought a couch and they were going to deliver it for us. A week passed, and then another. Finally, they arrived with a couch. The only problem is, it is not the one we bought. Nice. So, we have a couch although it is not the one that we want. They will be bringing that one back next week. Or the next or maybe even the next. Only time will tell. Really, we have had fun and lots of laughs (maybe just a few tears) setting up the house. It is feeling like a home and we love it. The kids have settled in amazingly well which is such an answer to prayer. They are ready for school to start so that they can make some friends but all in all, they are happy as can be.
Tim and I had 3 days of training last week and our first team meeting this week. We are ready to get busy! We really love the folks we work with here. We have already met some folks in the community that we hope to be able to work with in the future as well. God is already opening doors and we are so grateful. Would you pray that God will continue to bring Panamanians into our path that we can walk alongside and disciple?
Our visit with the Barwick family was just what the doctor ordered. Lots of laughing and catching up. Noah and Ben were stuck together like glue and it did all of our hearts good to just be together. They brought lots of fun goodies from our Thomasville friends. The kids felt like it was Christmas in July! Thank you for loving on our family through your generosity. You blessed us!