Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of the Louderback Union

Last night as I watched our President talk, I had a few thoughts........Not to worry, this is not a political blog. I just thought it was a cute title.

The new year is off and running, and so are we! The kids are all busy with school and various other events. Noah has decided to try his hand at basketball this season. Of course, since it involves a ball, he loves it! Trinity auditioned and got a part in the school play. She is busy learning lines and practicing. Gracie Lynn started gymnastics again yesterday. I tried very hard to get her to switch over to piano. I bribed and begged. She finally looked at me in disgust and told me that playing the piano was not going to help her at all in her quest to be a cheerleader. Good point. :) Eden is as always, a delightful doll. Recently, Noah taught her to throw and catch the football. He says she is the best 5 year old football player around.

Tim and I are enjoying getting into the swing of life without having to go to language school. Tim is doing lots of reading and learning about church planting and Panama. He also is enjoying just hanging out in the community and talking to people. I know, some things never change. I am really enjoying having more time to be a mommy. I am doing some logistics and organizing for our team, so that keeps me busy too. It is really fun to be able to use our gifts, talents, and the things we enjoy to bring glory to God!

We are looking forward to what God has down the road for us in 2010. Stay tuned for more. :)